Catholics and Independence – Zdzisław Klafka, Jan Wiśniewski, Przemysław Wójtowicz


Title: Catholics and Independence. Opportunities and Threats.

Authors/Editors: Zdzisław Klafka, Jan Wiśniewski, Przemysław Wójtowicz

Place: Toruń

Year: 2018

ISBN 978-83-89124-07-4

Pages: 208

Opis publikacji

On the introduction o. dr Tadeusz Rydzyk […]First of all, we must help to shape children and theminds of young people, noble personalities who love God, the Blessed Mother,the Homeland, and people. In this spirit and in the context of the centenaryof regaining Independence, the Higher School of Social and Media Culturetook up the joyful effort of expanding the study of the issue of independencein the multiple aspects of social life. It also invited representatives of othercontinents to carry out this task, to show how important the sovereignty ofindividual nations or states is to human beings.Dear Readers, we are happy to present a monograph that is the fruit ofthis deepened reflection of the academic environment of the Toruń universityover the issue of independence and sovereignty. I trust that it will be a valuablecontribution, which will enrich the solemn celebration of the centenary ofregaining Independence by our Homeland.

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